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Class Instructors


Our classes and camps are taught by members of the Cuernavaca Arts Cooperative.  The CAC serves as a way to centrally advertise and organize class schedules.  Each class is created and controlled by the individual instructor(s), and they set the terms, accept payment, and provide the location for the class.

Jodi Bade
Beatrice Baldwin

Jodi Bade loves to be able to use her own creativity, smarts, hands, heart, and skills to make cool stuff, and she loves to teach others how to do the same.  She teaches computer based media production, sewing, woodworking, painting, drawing, and general making.

Beatrice began teaching art in independent schools in 1987 and has taught at Fort Worth Country Day School, Chatham Hall in Virginia, and has been Director of the Scanlan Art Gallery and studio art instructor at St. Stephen's in Austin for 10 years. She holds a BFA and MFA in painting, drawing, and printmaking.

Nina Beall
Leslie Edwards
Gale Gassiot

Born in a small town in East Texas, Nina grew up enjoying the bounty of nature and the sensibilities of farm life.  She studied Art and Art History at UT, and has an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago.  She received a prestigious grant award for her design and implementation of programs for teaching Art History in over 200 public schools in the Chicago area.  Nina has been painting, showing her work, and growing her reputation as an artist for many years.  She has a beautiful studio space in the River Hills area overlooking Lake Austin with access to nature and a spring fed creek to inspire students.

Gale Gassiot is a is a prolific and resourceful artist whose current work consists primarily of watercolor and glass mosaic.  Her style is whimsical and fluid, suggesting dream-like imagery.  Gale has a passion for teaching, which weaves together her diverse career tapestry.  She has a long and varied career in teaching, including: Staff Artist at the Surface Design Studio of the Southwest Craft Center; facilitator of numerous art and dream understanding workshops in Texas and Mexico, and a lifetime of teaching art to adults and children in Texas and Mexico.

Leslie Edwards creates 2D art, working primarily with graphite, charcoal, ink, crayon, and acrylic paint. Most of all she enjoys creating portraits from photographs and studies of found objects. After years of study with various artists around the county and much time spent in the studio, Leslie is excited to being doing more for the development of the arts in Austin as a both member of CAC and as an art instructor.

Ginger Grassley

BS Biochemistry, St. Edwards University. Her strength in mathematics and science inspires and complements her work. Ginger works with acrylic and charcoal to create historically significant instrument paintings on wood. She combines an energetic use of color to capture both the raw energy and power of the subject instrument, while creating mathematical balance and perspective.This year Ginger taught an art class at Live Oak Adventure Camp where Valley View Elementary 5th graders enjoyed a giant Twister spin-off game she invented named Rainbow Splat. Ginger has lived in the Cuernavaca neighborhood since 2007.

Yuliya Lanina
Maura Schaffer

Yuliya Lanina is a Russian- born American multimedia artist who works out of New York and Austin.  Her paintings, animations and animatronic sculptures portray alternate realities that fuse fantasy, femininity, and humor.  She often collaborates with dancers, musicians and technical developers, creating multidisciplinary works that can be experienced outside of traditional exhibition venues.  She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and her work has been reviewed by many publications, including NYTimes, NYArts Magazine, Bloomberg News, Snob, Brooklyn Rail and others. She has been a recipient of numerous awards and scholarships.

Maura is a practicing artist whose love of art was instilled in her at a young age by her grandmother and she has been, sketching, painting, working with clay, and creating sculptures ever since.  She has taught at Purdue University, Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College, as well as at community art centers since 1998. She has a BFA and MFA in studio art.

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