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President, Exhibitions Chair: Maura Schaffer

Vice President, Communications and Public Relations Chair: Jodi Bade

Secretary, Calendar and Events Chair: Leslie Edwards

Treasurer, Business Chair: Ginger Grasley

Community Outreach Chair: Kate Painter


Board of Directors

Member Artists

Leslie Addison

Leslie Addison is a photographer and mixed media artist from New Orleans. She is currently represented by Cole Pratt Gallery. As well as her artwork, she is employed by a national medical non-profit. She and her husband travel the world documenting these medical programs and the underserved people in developing countries that have been assisted.

Barbara Attwell

Current works center on the wisdom, beauty and plight of wild animals, through paintings, felted works, and sculptures that offer wildlife habitat. Barbara also provides design-guild services.

Jodi Bade

Jodi (aka Floopalina) is a designer/maker/builder. She specializes in whimsical home furnishings, accessories, and spaces designed to make people happy. She also enjoys teaching sewing, crafting, art/drawing/painting, and digital arts.

Beatrice Baldwin

Beatrice works primarily in transparent watercolor with occasional forays into oil painting, printmaking, and mixed-media.

Nina Beall, Paintings

Nina Beall is a National Endowment for the Arts Grant Recipient, who has had her work represented by major galleries across the US and internationally. Her work has been reviewed by well known critics and writers, and her paintings are a part of several noteworthy permanent corporate museum collections. Beall's studio is open to visitors by appointment, and she enjoys teaching workshops occasionally. For information about workshops, go to:

Brenda Boyd

I am a fiber artist. I define “fiber art” to include basketry, beadwork, braiding, clothing design, crochet, dyeing, embroidery, felting, hooking, knitting, lacework, mixed media, needlework, paper, quilting, sculpture, sewing, spinning, surface design, textile design and weaving.

Sheri Bredeson

Sheri works with graphite on paper to create classical portraiture and other works capturing endurance athletes as they train and compete, suffer and persevere.

Deby Childress

Mixed media artist working with clay, wood, and found objects.

Leslie Edwards

I am an artist working in acrylics, charcoal, graphite, as well as fibers. My focus includes botanical studies, scenes from nature, and expressive portraits.

Gale Gassiot

Gale paints with watercolors, acrylic, and pen and ink, using dream-like imagery to express her spirituality in imaginative ways. Gale has taught art classes to adults and children for over 30 years.

Ginger Grasley

I work primarily with acrylic and metal drawing inspiration from vintage instruments and the musicians that made these instruments iconic.

Randy Huke

Acrylic painting & mixed media drawings

Yuliya Lanina

Yuliya Lanina is a Russian- born American multimedia artist. Her works portray alternate realities that fuse fantasy, femininity, and humor. Lanina has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.

Carolyn Marquez McBurnett

Rebecca McCormick

Rebecca works primarily with oils, watercolors, and pastels. She is employed as a full-time Chalkboard Artist / Graphic Designer at the Whole Foods Market flagship store at Sixth & Lamar in Austin Texas.

Gigi Miller

Katy Nail Studio

Painting is something I've done since I was seven years old. It's always been a response to nature, whether it's a large oil painting of a wilderness area or a portrait in an unusual setting. Can't seem to get away from the natural world and hope I never do.

Donna Neal

BFA Studio Art. Digital/giclee prints, multimedia, encaustic, oils. Graphic design, web design/development

Anne Nolan


Rhonda Padon Gibson

Texas born and raised, Rhonda is a multifaceted painter, certified art educator, and master of general creativity.

Kate Painter

Interior Decorator

Dara Paprock/ Dara Paprock's Texas Tea House

Dara Paprock is a conceptual artist working in various mediums, including performance. She has been an active producer and performer across the globe since 1981. She has also represented several artists, including the art works of her late father, artist, Kenneth Paprock.

Ann Patterson


Claudia Reese / Cera-mix Studio

Sculpture, tile, architectural elements, dinnerware, large platters. Ceramic both high fire and low fire. Residential and commercial.

Maura Schaffer

Maura is an artist whose love of art was instilled in her at a young age by her grandmothers, and she has been sketching, painting, working with clay, and creating sculptures ever since. Her sculptural work focuses on the dinner table as well as other furniture as a means of expressing ideas about human relationships.

Connie Taylor

Oil Painting

Madeleine Tilin Photography

Madeleine Tilin is a professional portrait and event photographer living in Austin. She has a photojournalistic background and has worked as an art director, graphic designer and yoga teacher prior to her career as a photographer. Madeleine uses her visual medium to explore humanity, the world around her and the sense of wonder that ignites.

Julie Webster

As an artist I love to paint living things take for granted. I typically work with oils on canvas, juxtaposing warm and cool colors to bring depth and aliveness to my subjects. I've been inspired by local artist Jennifer Balkan and her unique approach to portraiture, and I moved to Cuernavaca to be close to the lake as one of the main sources of light, life and inspiration in Austin.

George Yerger

George Yerger is a photographer and mixed media artist from New Orleans. He is currently represented by Cole Pratt Gallery. As well as his artwork he is employed by a national medical non-profit. He and his wife travel the world documenting these medical programs and the underserved people in developing countries that have been assisted.

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Ginger Grasley
Kate Painter
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