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Summer Class Descriptions

Sculpture (Additive) with Maura Schaffer

June 2-6   9am-12pm

Ages 12 and up

Tuition: $175  (due May 30th)

Build Up your knowledge of sculpture through using armiture.  Class topics and projects will include:

  • Modern Figure  Students will become familiar with Alberto Giacometti, Charles Moore and other sculptors while creating their own haunting figure.

  • Mythical Monster   Percy Jackson watch out! We will be exploring other armature techniques while designing and creating a Mythical Monster.

Sculpture (Carving) with Maura Schaffer

June 9-13   9am-12pm

Ages: 12 and up

Tuition: $175 (due May 30th)


Hone your carving skills, pour your heart into it, and refine your ideas.  This class is for people who have always wanted to sculpt like a master.

Watercolor Basics for Kids! (Gale Gassiot)

June 9-13   9am - 12pm

   Last day to Register: June 2

June 16-20    9am - 12pm

   Last day to Register:  June 8

Ages: 7-12

Class minimum: 4    Class maximum: 8

Tuition: $150   Supply fee: $20

Budding artists learn how to paint in watercolor with design techniques using color, value, washes, and line. Young artists are encouraged to “play” with newly learned techniques and integrate them into their paintings. So fun and educational!

Super Stitchers with Jodi Bade

June 9-13   1-4pm

Ages 7-11  (no sewing skills required)

$160 per student (limit 4)


Come learn to sew with us!  This camp is for kids who love to make things, and would like to add sewing to their crafting repitior.  Kids will learn basic hand sewing and machine skills while creating fun little projects such as:

  • Make your own doll (traditional or crazy/goofy)

  • Sew an apron, bake a pie

  • DIY Skirt

  • Fun and Funky Headbands

  • Make a felt monster bag

  • 18" Doll clothes or bedding

We'll finish the week off with a Fashion Show!

How to Design Paintings that Work (Gale Gassiot)

June 9-13   1-4pm

Age: 10 and up

Class minimum: 4  Class maximum: 8

Tuition: $150   Supply fee: $20.

Play with design elements and principles to create ‘paintings that work’. Unity, contrast, dominance, and symmetry are only a few design principles used to create good art. The class will ‘play’ with design elements and principles in ways that are fun and easy to understand. Then, we will apply the learned design elements and principles by creating compositions thatwork. It is surprising to see the amazing difference this knowledge makes!

Instructors: Maura Schaffer, Leslie Edwards, and Jodi Bade

June 16-20   9am-12pm

June 23-27   9am-12pm

  **This is a 2 week class.

Class maximum:  12

Tuition:  $150 per week (due by one week before class start)


This class is for people who love nature and want to be outside exploring. Students will be developing their drawing skills and their powers of observation by exploring the local flora, fauna, and landscapes. Students will be making their mark both in the studio and within the landscape through a series of two and three-dimensional artworks.

Time Travelers

June 16-20   1-4pm

Instructors:  Leslie Edwards and Maura Schaffer

Ages:  7-12

Tuition:  $150


This course will take you through the ages, studying the many varied ways that humans have sought to create.  From cave paintings to cubism, come travel through time with us, and make your own creations to mark your place in this amazing world.


Click the link below for an expanded sylubus and please contact Leslie Edwards to sign up at: 


Fun with Fashion (Jodi Bade)

June 16-20   1-4pm

Ages 10 and up (no sewing experience required)

Tuition: $160 (limit 4)


This camp is geared toward kids 10 and up who are interested in using their sewing skills to express their own individual style. We'll be making projects such as:

  • T-Shirt Up-cycle

  • Fun with Felt (accessories)

  • Sew your own Skirt

  • Applique / Screen Printing

  • Make your own infinity scarf

  • Personalized Pillows

  • Fun and Funky messenger bags

Sculpture for Kids: Dragons! (Maura Schaffer)

June 23-27  1-4pm

Instructor:  Maura Schaffer

Ages:  7-12

Tuition:  $175 (due May 30th)


Young artists will use multiple sculptural techniques to design and create their own dragon and develop their own fantastical world for them.  In addition, they will write a short story to describe their fantasy world for their dragon.

Watercolor Basics for Tweens, Teens, and Adults! (Gale Gassiot)

June 23-27   1-4pm

Ages: 10 and up

Class minimum: 4    Class maximum: 8

Tuition: $150    Supply fee: $20.

Participants learn to paint in watercolor using design techniques that incorporate color, value, washes, and line. Artists are encouraged to “play” while performing the exercises to learn watercolor. After practicing new techniques, artists apply the new skill in their paintings. Creativity and individual style are encouraged. This class is fun while being educational.

Art Retreat Workshops -Drawing and Painting

Instructor: Nina Beall

All ages

Beginning June 9

See website for schedules

Running throughout the summer - mornings, afternoons, or both, with evening classes also offered

Sign up for half days or whole days-1 or 2 weeks


Students of all ages will explore a variety of tools and techniques of drawing while referencing various artists. Students will be encouraged to push their self expressions and exploration with fun activities! Contact Nina Beall (512-263-0219) with questions or for more information, click on the button below.

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